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Math Literacy

“Math literacy means having the ability to problem solve reason and analyze information. Math literacy is the second key step for all students beyond language literacy. It is the ability to use numbers to help solve real-world problems”.

If you are going to summarize one of the key points of the common core and by the extension the PA core standards. The idea that reading is a subject that is taught exclusively in reading has to go away. Math literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential and to participate fully in their community and wider society. There are following math literacy strategy to help incorporate

(1) World walls

(2) vocabulary cards

(3) Connect two

(4) Abc brainstorming

(5) Three column chart

(6) Vocabulary knowledge rating

(7) Math notes/ Graphic organizers

(8) Word sorts

In the world class a group of words that are displayed on a wall, bulletin board, chalkboard or whiteboard in a classroom.

Vocabulary cards include term, definition, example and common connection.

In connect two strategies, after a math chapter; students are given a sheet with words, terms or concepts on the top. Students should choose two of these that connect in their mind and explain the connection

Three column charts is a word sort organization tool. This chart will help students understand how math vocabulary words work.

Word sorts help students to think critically about the relationship between words and concepts. And a graphic representation of math concepts is useful for students. This strategy assesses the material that needs to be presented. And also determine what types of graphic representation and concept maps.

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