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ADHD coach for you or your child/teen

Is your child or teen with ADHD driving you crazy? Are you trying to organize a room, but end up with a bigger mess than before? If so, you or your child/teen might benefit from an ADHD coach. 

As a mom with ADHD with a son who has ADHD, I have done much research to be able to understand the neurology and psychology behind ADHD. In our session, I will ask you questions to help us come up with an action plan to achieve your goals. No goal will be too small or big for discussion. 

For instance, one of my teen clients needed a section to practice how to solve a conflict with a friend in peaceful terms.  Whereas an adult client wanted to better understand the neurotransmitter that his doctor mentioned and ask about tools and systems that can be used to manage ADHD without medications. 

Another person needed a series of questions for each item she picked up to make sure she could organize her desk.

Maybe your teen wants to practice proper communication with elders. Or You need someone to talk to every week to keep you accountable and help you look forward. Whatever goal you have, I will be happy to be part of your journey.  I am looking forward to talking with you soon.  Live, Love, and Learn. :) 


Cost: $90 for 6 group classes and additional 1 individual class

Beginning Mandarin or Spanish

Mandarin Chinese is the second most spoken language in the entire world with over 1.1 billion speakers! Give your child a chance to make some new friends with a course in the foundations of Mandarin Chinese.  This class covers Hanyu Pinyin (a romanization of the language), the sounds of the Mandarin language (initials and finals), the four tones, and basic vocabulary and conversation.  Let's get talking!


Cost: $90 for 6 group classes and additional 1 individual class

English as Second Language

Ms. Penny's 

Class Date:  Summer 2021


Cost: $40 for 6 group classes and additional 1 individual class


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