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Who is Ms. Dawn?

Ms. Dawn didn’t focus on teaching during her undergraduate education, but learning is very important to her. As a child, she had a difficult time in school, because she has dyslexia. She was often very sad. She had a hard time learning new concepts and completing her school work. She felt like her teachers did not understand; she wasn’t trying to be a careless student. Some things were just so hard! Why didn’t she understand things she read? Why couldn’t she remember which way was left and which was right? She didn’t know! Despite these difficulties, her dad always encouraged her, telling her that if she worked hard, she would eventually succeed. As she studied, her grades gradually improved. Though she did not enjoy school, she grew to love learning and reading. When she graduated from college and had a family of her own, she decided to home-school her children and tutor those of friends. She wanted her children, and those of others, to love learning. In 2015, she started working as a private tutor, focusing on English composition and grammar, Biology, as well as testing anxiety and strategies. In 2017, she began home-schooling her children according to her state’s educational standards. Ms. Dawn encourages her students to overcome the difficulties they face with understanding and enthusiasm. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her family and loves going on fishing trips with them. When she has free time, she reads books of all kinds and studies languages.

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