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Our Peer Teachers


Justin is a 4th grade student from Canada, is with Community Literacy Lab since 2020. He loves being part of the Community Literacy Lab family and loves sharing his love of ROBLOX with all the participants. He started very young playing ROBLOX and now he is at the level of teaching it.

Justin loves ROBLOX because is an innovative reproduction of games and newly produced games with key elements that make fun and great such as: game characters, goals, decisions, rewards, interacting immersion and presents are the elements that Justin looks for in games and now would like to teach his great knowledge of gaming to others as has also been doing using his YouTube gaming channels.


Carlos is a peer teacher and loves to learn about parasites, microbiology, and the history of wars. His excellent presentation skills allow for students to connect to real life situations. Carlos is in the 8th grade, and is ahead in age and status. His enthusiastic attitude has allowed Community Literacy Lab to appoint him as a peer teacher. Even though he is young, he understands he ‘doesn't know everything’ and is dedicated to never giving out false information.

Carlos researches that particular subject in detail, that way when the time comes, he can teach great information about whatever he is teaching.

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